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Royal Albert Hall 2022 - Signed Artwork Print

Royal Albert Hall 2022 - Signed Artwork Print

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Limited edition print of the artwork for the Royal Albert Hall gigs, by Liverpool based artist John Petch.

John was originally commissioned by the band to produce original paintings to complement and accompany The Punishment of Luxury album, after Andy McCluskey spotted his signature style at the dot-art Gallery and decided it would make a perfect addition to the OMD catalogue.

In partnership with dot-art

Limited signed copies are available - these are signed by John Petch 

Also available are copies of the original print for the gigs with their originally intended 2020 date on.

Shipped mounted. The print is 37.5cm x 25 cm and the mounted item is 50cm x 40cm. Custom packaging is used for shipping prints, postage will therefore be higher than other items on the store.

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